About us

Unitised Building (“UB”) is a privately-held building technology group which has developed the UBTM System – an innovative, patented and patent pending construction technology that enables a wide range of property developments to be delivered in a significantly faster, more economical and more sustainable manner.

The UBTM System is a unique, globally applicable pre-fabricated building solution which is suitable for a wide variety of low, medium and high-rise residential, hotel, hospital and remote housing construction projects. The technology enables buildings to be delivered in up to half the time of traditional methods of construction – whilst achieving (amongst other things) significant cost savings and a lighter, higher quality finished product. The UBTM System also offers developers almost endless design, façade and structural options and is readily adaptable to almost any building type and height. With no set room size or module height or width, the system adapts to the specific design features of any given project, allowing it to follow, not dictate the architectural design. This flexibility is a key point of differentiation in the global marketplace and sets UB apart from all other competing modular or pre-fabrication technologies.