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UB is redefining the marketplace for high-end holiday homes and family houses, utilising a revolutionary, hybrid methodology of modules and panels to provide luxury, architecturally designed homes at affordable prices.

Choose from a suite of existing designs or explore the option of custom-design. The choice is yours. 

According to Nonda Katsalidis, UB's founder, "The beauty and ingenuity of our offfering is that that they deliver what you would expect in a high-end, solid architectural home; they’re not your usual hollow ‘prefab box’.

“Luxe finishes, high ceilings, big open spaces, off-form concrete ceilings and that solid feeling underfoot – we can achieve desirable architectural elements that other pre-fab suppliers can’t – and at a reduced cost and in a much shorter timeframe that a standard build.  


“Because most of the work is done in our Melbourne factory, rain delays are a thing of the past and a level of quality and precision can be achieved that can’t usually be accomplished onsite. These homes are ideal for hard-to-access and remote locations where building on-site and accessing trades is a challenging and often expensive task. Our product is also fire-rated, which is a huge plus for those building in regional bushfire areas.”


“I really believe that the future lies in changing the building industry and turning it into a form of manufacturing for all sorts of home, including high-end designs. Manufacturing is the key to mass producing anything efficiently and more economically. One only has to look at the constant reductions in price across all sorts of products and wonder why construction has never followed suit,” said Nonda.


“By making beautiful buildings like manufacturers produce fridges and cars, in a controlled environment with quality assurance processes in place, construction can also achieve the efficiencies to make housing more affordable.”

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