Building the future, prefab style

The application of technology by Katsalidis, seen in recent years through his pioneering development of modular construction methods, is a defining element of his work. Nowhere will it be revealed more powerfully than in Australia 108. “We’ve developed technologies for structural prefabrication, not necssarily the whole fit out, that will plug into 108. Eureka didn’t have that advantage”.

Predicted as the future of the Australian construction industry, building sections are produced in a factory, bought to the site and erected using purpose-built cradles – reducing construction time in half.

“We’re going to fabricate components so that Australia 108 will be pre-assembled on the ground. This means that the building will be built faster than any similar building has ever been built in this country”.

Katsalidis’ technology puts Melbourne firmly on the map as a construction innnovator on the world stage and his “unitised” building system is being rolled out under licence in Britain, the Middle East, Malaysia and Singapore.

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